Scavenger TOTAL Oil Change System™ for your Harley Davidson® V-Twin engines

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Taking care of your Harley Davidson® motorcycle is important. Checking the oil level frequently, changing it regularly, and using quality oil and filters is one of the best ways to extend the life of your bike. The Scavenger system supplies the tools and methods to flush all of the dirty oil out of your bike when you change your oil. It's a simple process that adds but a few minutes of time to a typical oil change—and it's easy to use!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you change your oil there's still 24-32 ounces of dirty oil in the sump at the bottom of the engine and up around the cylinders of the engine. Our system is a safe and effective way to remove this contaminated oil with no loss of oil pressure at any time. The Scavenger pushes the dirty oil out of the bike by supplying fresh oil through the engine pump and re-routing the dirty oil so that there's no contamination of dirty oil and clean oil. It's easy-to-do, and each kit comes with printed instructions and photos to show you exactly how simple the Scavenger is. Plus, there is a toll-free number for questions met by our raved-about customer service. Our 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee means a full refund is available if you're not pleased with the results.


Extend the Life of Your Bike

One of the most important maintenance items we can do to extend the life of our bikes is to change the oil. Finally a method that flushes the engine clean for a better oil change and extends the interval between oil changes by thousands of miles*. Our quality parts that are engineered to last a lifetime will have you saying what most Scavenger customers say—"I'll never change oil the old way again."

*Your riding habits and environment will influence your oil change interval. You as the bike owner need to determine what frequency works best for your bike.


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