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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the oil pressure in my bike maintained while the Scavenger is in use?

Yes, of course - the oil pressure must be maintained in order to pump the last of the dirty oil from the sump. While performing a Scavenger high performance oil change, the fresh oil is drawn from the oil tank as contaminated oil is pumped out the Scavenger exit hose. Once fresh oil exits the hose, (which you'll see immediately as the color changes), the process is complete. At no time does the engine lose its oil supply or oil pressure.

I have a bike with an oil cooler and a thermostat - will the Scavenger flush the cooler?

Yes, the Scavenger will flush your oil cooler. If you run the motorcycle to full operating temperature, and the fresh oil is at least room temperature, the cooler will be flushed. The thermostat is controlled through a 'bi-metal spring', which will not close before the cooler has been completely flushed.

What does the Scavenger "puck" do on Twin-Cam and Sportster models?

The Scavenger puck directs oil back through the engine. Using our puck prevents the new, clean oil from running through the dirty filter. This allows for a more complete flush, as a used oil filter harbors dirty oil and particulate, and will not rinse clean.

Will the Twin-Cam A fitting leak?

Hell no - the Twin-Cam A fittings consumed a great deal of our research and development. No "off the shelf" fittings would accommodate the oil line cover, while retaining the stock ID. After working with Earls Performance Plumbing, we found a clamshell fitting which did both. Used in Formula One racing on oil coolers and power steering pumps, this fitting is designed for quick replacement, is "track tested" and will not leak.

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Emails from customers

I just changed the oil in my 2010 street glide using you scavenger total oil change. I was a little skeptical about starting the engine with no oil in it, but I watched the video and everything was o.k. I couldn't believe that much dirty oil was still in the engine. I will always use the scavenger to change the oil in my motorcycle. Thanks for a great product.
Steve Walker

I received my Scavenger as a gift from an old high school buddy of mine. He lives in Hawaii, I live in Folsom CA. We talk bikes all the time. We both ride Harleys and have been riding for over 35 years. We always talk about the trick stuff on the market. The Scavenger was the talk that night and we both got on the internet to see this thing in action. He called me the next day and had ordered one. After a week, we got back with each other. He was so excited about his first Scavenger oil change, he had me envious! As he got calm, and I could get a word in, I asked everything about it. I drilled him like Sergeant Friday on Dragnet. We were asking ourselves: why didn’t we think of this? And, answering questions like why brain freeze when you drink slurpees? Because that’s what fifty-year-olds do. He had ordered mine that week, without my knowledge. What are buddies for? Thanks Scott! I just changed my oil with the Scavenger. This was by far the best oil change I have ever done! And, we both agree, hands down, that The Scavenger is better than sliced bread! So, if there’s an award for innovation, you have two votes. Thanks Rogue chopper! A true believer,
Tony "Maddog" Maddox Folsom, CA

After viewing several times your publicity on the Scavenger Total Oil System, I ordered it. This morning, I received that order. I was so anxious to see if your publicity was right and that it mentioned the true facts that I decided to immediately experience it. The reason why I am getting back to you is to tell you how satisfied I am with your system. Indeed, I always thought it was completely inadmissible to be unable to get rid of all the soiled oil and have an engine run with that soiled oil mixed with the fresh one which constitutes a nuisance in the longevity and performance of that engine. Do not hesitate to pass on my message to anyone who might be interested in the system. It is easy to use and is exactly as described in your Internet ad. Again thank you.
Pierre Dugal - Investigator - Quebec- Canada

I got my Scavenger about 2 months ago and have used it 4 times so far, 3 times on my bike and once on a friends. Just before leaving for Sturgis this year I found out I had to have the engine on my 03 Fat Boy rebuilt at 40,000 miles. So, I had it done to 103", cams, high volume oil pump, big valve heads, etc., etc. While I was breaking it in I used your product to insure I was changing ALL the oil. After the break-in I left on a 3026 mile shake down cruise road trip and just got back Oct. 12. I have only 1 complaint (LOL); even after all those miles the oil is still so CLEAN I can't see it on the dipstick!!! I have to blot the dipstick with a paper towel to see where the oil level is! I know this engine will last for a long time with the oil being this clean! Thank you for a great product!
Chris - Nooksack, Wa.

I received the Scavenger kit for my twin cam last week thanks. I serviced my twin cam this weekend & a friend of mine turned up, just as I was fitting the scavenger kit to do my oil change. Well to say we were surprised by how much dirty oil is left in the system after draining is quite unreal. Anyway my friend was so impressed at what he had just seen, he has asked me to order a kit for him as well. Thanks for a quality tool I will recommend this kit to anyone who is interested.
Dave - Friend