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My name is Phil, and I’m the guy and the voice in the videos. Back in the spring of 2000 I started my shop Pro Cycle. After doing many services and checking the oil after the test ride and seeing the oil already dirty I was pissed. Knowing a few things from growing up around motorcycles I set about making my first Scavenger. It was the first RC101 for Evo’s and it took time and patience being as I made it on a smithy but now I could offer my customers a total oil change. I would save the oil I pumped out of the engine in one of the paint mixing buckets you see in the videos and show the customer when they picked up their bike. My customers were pleased and spoke highly of this and it was not long before I had new customers who wanted the total oil change among other work. Soon after this I had people who wanted to buy one to use themselves so I named it the Scavenger and started Rogue Chopper to market it. By this time I had customers starting to buy Twin Cam bikes and bring them to me for a total oil change, they were upset when I told them the Scavenger would not work on their bike because the oil flow was reversed on the new bikes. I was told they would not settle for that and I better figure it out, so the RC110, RC120, and RC130 were born. Then the factory came out with the six speed and got rid of the exterior oil lines on the twin cam A so it was back to the drawing board and out came the RC140 and RC160.

It has been a long road and learning curve but it has been fun and trying. In the middle of all this I got married and started my family. I have always strived to produce a Quality product using the finest materials and keep it all made in the USA like it should be. I stand behind my product; I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and do my best to satisfy each and every customer. I now have thousands of satisfied customers who love the product and what it does for them and invite you to be one of them. If you have any questions or comments please call or email me.

Thank you,


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P.S. The name Rogue comes from a bike club in southern California back in the sixties and seventies. See in the early nineties I got in my 69 dodge van loaded with my bike, tools, dog and a bag of clothes and headed west. I landed in Oceanside CA and stayed for six years. During this time I met and lived with Lee, the founding president of this club. He told me many stories of the old days and I met some of the old members when they would come to see Lee. It was some real good unwritten history I am a bit too young to have experienced but loved hearing about. Lee was a painter by trade and still does some awesome pinstripe work he learned from a guy named VonDutch many years ago. My bike still has his striping all over it and dragon head on the fender. I always liked the name Rogue so I spoke with Lee and Rogue Chopper was born.


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