More Than One Bike?

The scavenger “puck” which installs on the oil filter housing is common to all Scavenger models except the Evolution Scavenger Kit. Therefore if you are ordering for more than one model or buy a new bike you can order just the parts you need.

The 99-05 Dyna Scavenger Kit and Sportster Scavenger Kit have fittings that stay on the bike so if you want to use one of these kits on more than one bike you would need to order a fitting kit for each additional bike. A supplement kit will give all parts needed to use an 99-05 Dyna Scavenger Kit or Sportster Scavenger Kit if all you have is a puck from a different kit.

The Twin Cam B Scavenger Kit, Twin Cam Touring Kit, and Dyna Scavenger Kit have no parts that stay on the bike and one kit can be used on all the bikes, of the model it fits, you want. A supplement kit gives you all the parts needed to use a Twin Cam B Scavenger Kit, Twin Cam Touring Kit, and Dyna Scavenger Kit if you have a puck from a different kit. So if you have more than one bike, and they are different models, you can order one full kit and one supplement kit for each of the other models.

The Evolution Scavenger Kit is the Evolution Scavenger Kit and no parts interchange with any other kits. One Evolution Scavenger Kit will work on all the EVO big twins you want with no additional parts needed. Below you can order any supplements kits.

Supplement Kits